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CPFTA & Lemon Law
CPFTA & Lemon Law

The Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act

The Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act (CPFTA) is the result of years of relentless lobbying by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE). What we see today is a testimony to the continued dedication of countless consumer advocates and volunteers over the years.

The driving force behind CASE is our firm belief that we need fair trading legislation to promote a fairer and more equitable marketplace. The law will protect both consumers and traders by making the playing field more level. In 1979, the late Mr Ivan Baptist, then President of CASE, first urged the government to consider a fair trading legislation in the Parliament.

Why it began?

The push for this Act began with the observable increase in the number of errant traders and unethical business practices over the years. As a consumer organisation, CASE has come across numerous instances where consumers sought our help when they fell victim to unscrupulous business tactics. These included high-pressure selling tactics and aggressive door-to-door salespersons, amongst others.

What we are advocating for...

We want to create a fair trading environment for consumers and businesses alike.

Outcome today...

The CPFTA took effect on 1 March 2004. Since then, consumers who have been at the receiving end of unfair practices have been empowered to take civil action for themselves. The Act sets out a list of specific unfair trade practices and empowers them to seek civil remedies. It is the responsibility of the business to prove that it did not commit the unfair practice. However, businesses that commit unfair trade practices will not be subject to criminal sanction as the CPFTA is not a criminal Act. 

Since 15 April 2009, the CPFTA was amended to cover financial products and services. This and other amendments were made to widen the scope of protection offered to consumers and facilitate a fairer trading environment for both consumers and businesses. The legislation protects consumers, without adding onerous burden to businesses and costs. 

Consumers and businesses are urged to understand the Law better, so as to reap the most benefits from it. To find out more about the CPFTA, download the brochure here.

Lemon Law

The Lemon Law will come into effect on 1 September 2012. Provisions of the Lemon Law will be added to the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act, with related amendments to the Hire Purchase Act and Road Traffic Act.

Lemon Laws are consumer protection laws that provide remedies against defective goods (colloquially known as “lemons”), which fail to conform to the contract at the time of delivery, e.g. do not meet standards of quality and performance, especially after repeated repair. Such laws obligate sellers to repair, replace, or refund or reduce the price of those defective goods. 

To find out more about the Lemon Law and how it will affect you as a consumer or business owner, refer to the following:

  1. The Ministry of Trade & Industry’s webpage

  2. Frequently asked questions.

  3. Brochures

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