Consumer Alert - CASE advisory to consumers on the closure of California Fitness Singapore

As of 20 July 2016, all California Fitness (J.V. Fitness Pte Ltd) outlets in Singapore have ceased operations until further notice. Tim Reid and Theresa Ng of Ferrier Hodgson have been appointed as the Liquidators of JV Fitness Pte Ltd,.

In view of the liquidation proceedings, there is a stay of proceedings on all litigation action. This means that any claim by consumers against California Fitness would not be able to proceed.

CASE has been informed by the Liquidators that:

  1. Consumers are likely to form the largest creditors for California Fitness; and
  2. They will be sending out a "Notice to file Proof of Debt" to all affected consumers in batches. Consumers who receive the notice should file a Proof of Debt against California Fitness with the Liquidators. Please note that there is no rush to do so as this will be a long process.

Affected consumers who had bought membership packages with the fitness club via their credit card or GIRO should contact their issuing bank immediately and ask for a chargeback due to non-delivery of services promised and/or to cease GIRO payment to California Fitness. If the chargeback claim is valid, consumers would not be liable for that payment and any recurring payment to California Fitness. Please note that this only applies to consumers who have purchased month-to-month membership packages.

Consumers who have purchased pre-paid or fixed-term membership should note that they may still be liable to make monthly repayments to the bank if the bank had already paid California Fitness in full. Consumers should contact their issuing bank for clarification.

For further enquiries, consumers may contact CASE at our hotline: 6100 0315. 

For more information on the liquidation process, please visit:

Last updated on 29 July 2016, 12pm.

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