Manager (Strategic Development)

Key Objective

This position is to assist the Head of Department in driving and coordinating strategic plans for CASE’s needs to develop foresight through research to ensure alignment with CASE’s objectives and outcomes.

Specific Responsibilities/Duties   

  • To assist the Head of Department in driving and coordinating the strategic development to achieve the Association’s objectives and outcomes.
  • To conduct research on emerging trends and common issues in the consumer landscape to support and guide the Association’s strategic plans.
  • To provide secretarial support to the relevant committee(s) in formulating our strategy, and to track the development and progress of implementation.
  • To communicate the strategic intent with internal stakeholders through Work Plans to achieve alignment within the organisation.
  • To organise industry engagements such as corporate visits and focus group discussions.
  • To assist in ground sensing work such as the annual consumer awareness survey.
  • To lead or participate in CASE wide initiatives.
  • To undertake other duties assigned by supervisor to achieve CASE outcomes.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (Requirements)

  • Degree in Economics, Business or Social Sciences
  • Diploma holders in Business or Social Sciences with 5 years of related working experiences may apply
  • Have keen interest and 2-3 years prior experience in strategy formulation, planning, research, foresight and horizon-scanning 
  • Ability to synthesise research data to anticipate strategic and future opportunities 
  • Possess good analytical skills to take strategic perspective when processing insights from research findings
  • Experience in research work with strong writing skills to frame complex issues and propose recommendations in papers
  • Possess strong interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively with stakeholders
  • Possess good presentation skills to communicate analysis and policy calls clearly
  • Minutes writing and preparation of Management reports
  • Resourceful and adaptive
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