IMPORTANT: Please read the following before you submit a complaint. Consultation does not require any membership sign up or fees payment unless you need our officers to assist you in communicating with the business.

If you have read the following, please click this link to submit an Online Complaint.

Step One: Walk-in consultation at CASE (By Appointment Only. Call 9795 8397 for more information.)
Documents to bring:
  • Identity Card/Work Permit/Employment Pass/Student Pass/Dependent Pass
  • All documents relevant to your dispute, including but not limited to:
    • Proof of purchase/receipts/invoices
    • Contract signed with the retailer, if any
    • Any other supporting documents
Our Consumer Relation Officers will:
  • Assess your case
  • Advise you on the various options available to resolve your dispute
  • Explain how CASE is able to assist you

Step Two: Resolving your complaint via CASE
You can choose to file a case or to be on our assisted case scheme
File a case
If you are not a member of CASE, you have to first register to be a CASE member. This is to establish a relationship between the association and you, so that we can follow up on the dispute on your behalf.
Our Consumer Relations Officer will correspond with the retailer on your behalf to work towards an amicable resolution.
Should the matter reach a stalemate, our officer will advise you on your available options, such as mediation, going to Small Claims Tribunals or other legal options.
Assisted case
You do not have to register as a member of CASE.
CASE will help you draft a letter to the retailer to communicate your concerns and your ideal outcome. You will have to deliver this letter personally to the company.
However, we will not be able to follow up on the dispute on your behalf. Please refrain from calling our hotline to get updates on your assisted case.

Step Three: Fees involved
Filed cases: See table below for fees involved
Note: With effect from 1 January 2015, Consumers who are Union members and/or Co-operative members are waived off all Admin and Membership fees if their Union and/or Co-operatives are CASE Institutional members. However, you must present documentary proof such as membership card for verifications.
For all consumers, if you have paid a $10 administrative fee (subject to prevailing GST) for an assisted case previously, you are only required to top up the differences in administrative fees with reference to the range of claim.
Assisted cases: $10 administrative fee (subject to prevailing GST)
Membership Fees
Membership Fees
Types of membership Amount (subject to prevailing GST)
Life $400
Ordinary/Single $25 per annum
Associate (Family*) $30 per annum
Associate (Student**) $8 per annum

* Eligible to family members of a consumer who sign up as an Ordinary member first
** Students must be above 12 years of age
Administrative Charges
Administrative Charges
Range of claims Administrative fees (subject to prevailing GST)
Below $5000 $10
$5000 to $10000 $20
$10001 to $20000 $50
Above $20000 - every $10000 or part thereof $50

Q: If CASE is a non-profit organisation, why do consumers have to pay for CASE to handle complaints?

A: CASE incurs operational and manpower costs. There are areas which consumers benefit from CASE initiatives without having to pay for them. They include CASE’s lobbying for consumer protection legislation, consumer education, product testing and surveys. CASE also provides free advice for consumers who call our hotline, email us or walk in to our office.

However, if consumers want CASE to follow up on their dispute, they will need to become our member to establish a relationship between the consumer and CASE, thus we can represent them to communicate with the retailer. Also, a nominal fee will be collected to cover the administrative costs of following up on their dispute.
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