Diva Lash & Nails

CASE alerts consumers on complaints received against Diva Lash & Nails

The Consumers Association of Singapore (“CASE”) would like to alert consumers to complaints received against Diva Lash & Nails Pte Ltd (“Diva Lash & Nails”), a beauty salon offering manicure, pedicure, nail and eyelash extension services.

From 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2023, CASE received 89 consumer complaints against Diva Lash & Nails. Sixty-three complaints were received in 2022 and 26 complaints were received in 2023. In general, consumers complained that they encountered poor after-sales service such as difficulty in making appointments with Diva Lash & Nails. Some consumers also complained that they encountered side effects such as discomfort, swelling and itch following eyelash extensions performed by Diva Lash & Nails.

According to Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority records, Diva Lash & Nails offers beauty and personal care services and its registered address is 35 Selegie Road, #02-23, Parklane Shopping Mall, Singapore 188307.

Consumers who have contractual disputes with Diva Lash & Nails may approach CASE for assistance (hotline: 6277 5100, website: www.case.org.sg).

Complaints Received

Based on complaints received by CASE, most affected consumers signed nail or eyelash packages, ranging from approximately $120 to $1,200, with Diva Lash & Nails.

When consumers tried contacting Diva Lash & Nails to make appointments, they encountered difficulty as the latter was either unresponsive or took a long time to respond. For consumers who managed to secure appointment timeslots, they were subjected to a long waiting time at the salon before they were attended to.

Consumers complained that the eyelash extensions performed by Diva Lash & Nails were of poor quality, with the extensions falling off within days after the treatment. Consumers also complained that they encountered discomfort, swelling and itch following the treatment.

There were instances when Diva Lash & Nails said it would refund its customers but the refunds were not honoured thereafter despite several attempts by the customers to follow up.

Engagement with Diva Lash & Nails

Following the consumer complaints, CASE issued a warning to Diva Lash & Nails in November 2022. CASE also engaged Diva Lash & Nails in December 2022 to sign a Voluntary Compliance Agreement (“VCA”) as provided for under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act (“CPFTA”) to cease its unfair practice and compensate affected consumers.

Diva Lash & Nails did not sign the VCA and CASE is engaging the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore to consider further action against the company under the CPFTA.

Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act

Under the CPFTA, it is an unfair practice for a business to make misleading or false claims. It is also an unfair practice for a business to represent that its goods or services have performance characteristic, qualities, uses or benefits when it is not so.

Consumers who encounter such unfair practices have the right to seek recourse under the CPFTA. They may approach CASE for assistance.

Consumer Advice

CASE advises consumers to take note of the following when patronising beauty salons:

• Do research and consult independent reviews to understand the service standard and track record of the salon before making a purchase.

• Beware of “special discount”, “trial” or “one-time only” offers. Staff may take the opportunity to push packages and leave little time for consideration. If they feel overwhelmed, uneasy or intimidated during the sales pitch, they should request to stop the treatment session and leave the premises. They should refrain from making any financial commitments.

• Patronise CaseTrust accredited beauty salons. These businesses offer a five-day cooling-off period for consumers to seek a refund for unutilised services if they do not wish to proceed with the packages signed. These businesses also provide stress-free treatments as they are not allowed to engage in sales pitches during the treatment.