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CaseTrust Accreditation for Storefront is a scheme for the retail and service sectors. Under this scheme, retailers are audited following a set of well-designed and comprehensive criteria, covering the aspects of payment collection procedure, communications and dispute resolution procedures, store policies and staff capabilities and training. Businesses who qualify to obtain the CaseTrust accreditation will be able to display the logo on their shopfronts.

What can Consumers Expect from a CaseTrust Accredited Storefront Business?

Clear fee policies
Policies on fees and fee refunds must be clearly articulated to the customers and documented. The policies will also be adhered to the terms and conditions of the contract agreed by both the business and consumers.
Well-defined business practices and systems
Besides good business practices and systems, there should be a redress system with proper and clearly defined dispute resolution mechanisms for the business and customers.
Well-trained personnel
The business must ensure that it has trained sales staff who do not practice unethical sales tactics and are able to provide good customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions


Accreditation FAQ

  • How to apply for CaseTrust accreditation?
    You may apply for CaseTrust accreditation via our online form. Alternatively, you can download a set of the Information Kit here. The Application Form can be found in the information kit. Please fill in the Application Form and submit a cheque for application fee made payable to "Consumers Association of Singapore". The criteria checklist will be sent to you for preparation of documents upon receipt of the form and fee. Upon receipt of your supporting documents for assessment and full assessment fee, we will then send it to our assessor(s) for assessment (i.e. audit).
  • What is the scope of CaseTrust's accreditation scheme?
    CaseTrust’s Accreditation scheme includes the assessment of good business practices such as transparent business policies, feedback management, dispute resolution etc. The scheme consists of criteria which cover Policies, Communication, Personnel and Practices & Systems.
  • How much is the fee?
    You may refer to the information kit that you can download here for more details on the fees. The fees depend on the size of the business.
  • Who conducts the assessment?
    CASE maintains a pool of professional and independent assessors to conduct assessments under the CaseTrust scheme. This will ensure that assessments and audits are neutral and not prejudiced.
  • Does CaseTrust accredit B2B businesses?
    CaseTrust assessment criteria focuses on B2C businesses. If your business only has B2B transactions, it will not be eligible for CaseTrust accreditation.  However, if your business has both B2B and B2C transactions, then the accreditation is only awarded to the B2C area of your business.

Info & Application kit