Car Sharing: Convenience or Hazard?

Singapore has one of the highest car ownership costs in the world, and it comes as no surprise that car sharing services are in high demand. But did you know that you could be liable for hefty accident claims and repair costs when using car sharing services? In March 2023, it was reported that a […]

Buy now, pain later? — More can be done to protect BNPL service users

Imagine this. You come across a great deal when shopping. Your dream pair of shoes is retailing at $299 when it would usually cost $400! Being low on cash, your eyes are drawn to an advertisement from a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) service, strategically placed to remind you that you can use BNPL to […]

Beyond 100,000 downloads – Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming for Price Kaki

Follow CASE on social media and you would’ve known about the big buzz earlier this month when we crossed the 100,000 downloads milestone of our popular Price Kaki app.

As a pet project started in 2019 to help consumers compare prices and make informed purchasing decisions to stretch their dollar, it’s hard to believe just how far Price Kaki has come.

Over $3,000,000 prepayments lost!

Imagine paying thousands of dollars as part of a package to secure a good deal, and the company suddenly goes bust. Surely, the company is obligated to return the money to you right? Think again. High-Profile Insolvenscies In Singapore When a company becomes insolvent, our current laws do not sufficiently protect the interests of consumers […]

Ordered perfume but received a water bottle?

Held on 11 November every year, the perennial Singles’ Day sales event sees online marketplaces and retailers offer rock bottom prices and other attractive deals to entice consumers to spend. Just how popular is this global sales phenomenon. The sales volume on Singles Day in 2020 far surpassed that in 2019, despite the impact of COVID-19 […]

My first 100 days

It has been 100 days since I took over as the 12th president of the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), and what an incredible learning journey these past three months have been Penning my thoughts as CASE President. From meeting spa owners to direct sellers, pre-owned car dealers to cooperatives, I found that the ambit of CASE stretches far and wide […]