Organic Salon Pte Ltd


From 1 January to 23 August 2021, the Consumers Association of Singapore (“CASE”) received 38 complaints against Organic Salon Pte Ltd (“Organic Salon”).

The majority of complaints pertain to false/misleading claims and pressure sales tactics. For example, consumers complained that they were led to believe that they were paying promotional prices for a haircut or hair treatment, but were subsequently pressured to purchase higher end treatments at higher prices. Some consumers also complained that the salon charged them for additional treatments or packages without their expressed consent.

Engagement with Organic Salon

Organic Salon had signed a Voluntary Compliance Agreement (“VCA”) with CASE in 2020, and committed to cease any unfair practices and to compensate consumers who suffer loss due to unfair practices. Despite the VCA, CASE continues to receive consumer complaints against Organic Salon.

In view of the non-compliance of the VCA, CASE has referred Organic Salon to the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (“CCCS”) for investigation. CCCS is currently looking into the matter.

The Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act

Under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act (“CPFTA”), CASE is empowered to enter into a VCA with errant suppliers who engage in unfair practices. Errant suppliers who persist in egregious conduct will be referred to CCCS for investigation.

We advise consumers who encounter unfair practices at Organic Salon to approach CASE.

Consumer Advice

Consumers who patronise hair or beauty salons are advised to take note of the following:

  • Say “no” and walk away if you encounter aggressive pressure sale tactics which makes you uncomfortable. Be polite but firm when stating your refusal. You can call the police if you are barred from leaving.
  • Beware of “special discount”, “trial” or “one-time only” offers. Staff may take the opportunity to push packages and leave little time for consideration.
  • If you start to feel overwhelmed, uneasy or intimidated during the sales pitch, request to stop the treatment session and leave the premises. Refrain from making any financial commitments.
  • Patronise CaseTrust accredited hair and beauty salons. These businesses offer a five-day cooling off period for consumers to seek a refund for unutilised services if they do not wish to proceed with the packages signed. These businesses also provide stress-free treatments as they are not allowed to engage in sales pitches during the treatment.
  • Consumers with unresolved disputes can approach CASE for assistance (hotline: 9795 8397, website: